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At Tuned-In Center, we ask the questions; how does the student learn, do they have individual needs that make learning in certain areas difficult, how can we customize learning to simplify, encourage, and be beneficial to the student.  We collaborate and design an interactive, achievable, and fun customized

curriculum for each individual student. The answers to our questions are woven.

into the curriculum design, so that it suits the person, where they are now, and

where they want to be a year from now; with smaller accomplishments in between. One of our main goals is to include the student and their support system in the process and be part of their own future. The opportunities are limitless with a collaborative education plan.


Piano is a great “beginning instrument” for any student. It teaches you to read both the Treble Clef and Bass Clef. It digs into music theory and rhythm. Piano works on coordination and making one hand do something “different” then the other. Piano students can start as young as 4!

Violin, Viola, & Cello


Although some people think singing is easy, learning how to sing correctly is a bit of a journey! There are many techniques required to sound beautiful. Breathing and breath support, reading notes and intervals, and learning how to clearly and correctly project your voice are all important when performing for an audience. Your teacher at Tuned-In Center knows the correct methods to teach these skills and has the knowledge on the piano to accompany you, all to elevate your vocal skills to the next level. You will no longer “be a background singer to your favorite artist,” you will have the knowledge and abilities to BE THE LEAD SINGER and ADD YOUR OWN FLAIR to any style of music.


Marching Band Instruments

Beginning Concert Percussion

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