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Tuned-In Achievement & Event center strives to maintain a facility that is inviting, clean, secure, and safe.

We welcome everyone to come in and “borrow” an instrument, sit at the baby grand piano, or bring your own instrument to serenade our staff, students, and parents.   We invite you to come in and feel welcome in asking questions, enjoying a cup of coffee, and enjoy some music. 

Tuned-In Center strives to provide a comfortable atmosphere that everyone, from beginner to advanced musician, to join in.

Tuned-In Achievement & Event Center is more than just a facility and school, every student becomes part of our “family” and parents become our friends.  Our desire is not only to teach academics and music, but to see each individual succeed in their dreams and in life.  We strive to encourage growth in great moral values, successful attitudes, the meaning of serving others, and the life codes that help them to become upstanding members of the community.


Tuned-In Achievement & Event Center keeps your budget in mind.  There are many ways that we try to keep added costs to a minimum

** NO registration fees, ever!

** NO minimum purchases!

** NO fees for tuning, re-string labor, or advice!


However, we will always do our best to find you  a purchase product within your budget.  Why waste your money on a rental, when you can purchase and own it for 2-3 months of rent.  We have multiple suppliers that we can look through and find the perfect fit instrument that works within your budget.

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